Actual Property Definition

We argue that O&M initiatives which might be procured and managed by public infrastructure shoppers are another such instance, where everlasting and short-term elements of organizing are extremely mixed and interdependent. Our theoretical framework relies on Lundin and Söderholm’s 4 themes, however we also embrace the developments of their framework that, through the years, has been mentioned in, for instance, International Journal of Managing Projects in Business. We additionally embody other analysis about time, task, team and transition within project organizations and permanent organizations. In 1995, Lundin and Söderholm presented their framework with 4 key themes for the short-term organization to theorize the empirical phenomenon of projects and differentiate between momentary and permanent organizations. In the same particular issue, Packendorff clarifies that tasks are to not be understood as instruments but as temporary organizations, involving “a collective course of action aimed toward evoking a non-routine course of and/or completing a non-routine product” (p. 327).

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