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Levi , on the other hand, did not reveal any moments when he had consciously determined to stay in Maastricht. He had lived in Maastricht his entire life and explicitly mentioned that continuing to remain in Maastricht had been ‘very logical’ as a result of ‘there had not been any triggers to depart Maastricht’. This concept that a ‘lack of triggers’ ends in continued staying behaviour is also seen within the literature, the place it’s said that exterior triggers are required to begin out considering migration . Moreover, evaluating the transcripts of Levi and Lucas revealed the attainable results of getting earlier migration experiences on re‐evaluating the decision to stay.

China’s Rise

Some locations are very fertile and have excellent agricultural productiveness, whereas some patches are totally barren and nothing may be grown there. Similarly, the degree of richness of mineral wealth varies from place to position, making the land more helpful or less useful from economic viewpoint. But in economics, it consists of all that, which is on the market free of value from ‘nature’ as a present to human beings. Land stands for all nature, dwelling and non-living that are used by man in production.

Influencing Elements

Coping methods push them to place off long-term commitments, reducing the formation of households and lowering birth rates. Labor market volatility will increase the risks of settling down since incomes are cannot be relied upon long run. Women within the workplace also face extra disincentives to having youngsters since they could possibly be extra simply replaced if pressured to go away their job quickly.

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