Indestructible Definition & That Means

(That C? It stands for “Contain”, as in “Secure, Contain, Protect”. SCPs are Secured and Contained to Protect… well, everyone on the earth.) You wish to strive the Global Occult Coalition for that. Bianca by accident destroys every thing in your bedroom the first time you battle her. In NetHack, “artifact” objects are the one issues that can be put in a participant’s inventory that may’t be destroyed. The Amulet of Yendor, specifically, is the one merchandise that cannot even be faraway from the game’s code by transference into the upper planes. In the Elder Scrolls collection, the titular Elder Scrolls themselves are “Fragments of Creation”, which exist partially exterior of time. As such, nobody has ever been identified to efficiently destroy an Elder Scroll, though any Scroll left unattended and unaccounted for by a sentient thoughts might simply disappear.

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