In different words, the development industry itself can not create the demand for its outputs (Nam & Tatum, 1988). Demand for construction is due to this fact largely depending on the business actions of other goods and providers that the construction products help create. Following the ups and downs of the financial system, the demand for construction can undergo the motion of a enterprise cycle earlier and more strongly than other sectors because of the character of its products (Riggleman, 1933; United Nations, 1976). A development product is immobile and is commonly constructed only after the shopper realizes the demand. This nature of construction products makes the trade unable to stock up merchandise for sale.

Regional Trade Agreements

In Chapter 4, an analysis of pricing selections and demand in a spatial context is developed. This evaluation extends some principles of economics in regards to the theory of pricing and output choices to the spatial dimension. As a result, we will be capable of recognize extra absolutely the connection between pricing insurance policies and the market area of a seller. We shall find additionally that space offers yet another dimension for competitors among sellers.

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