The China Shock

Secondly, the transcripts revealed that the staying and transferring behaviour of family and friends had influenced the staying means of the interviewees. In some cases, the behaviours of family and associates had been seen as examples or the norm for residential behaviour. This was particularly apparent within the period instantly after graduation, when all interviewees had skilled their associates and friends collectively shifting away from Maastricht in search of job opportunities in the Randstad.

Commerce Concept Meets New Realities

The patterns documented in the article are in keeping with a lot of the demographic literature on the Great Migration of black Americans out of the South, but they reveal new insights into patterns of black migration after the Great Migration. In the newest era, black Americans have remained in place to a level that’s distinctive relative to the previous technology and relative to whites of the same technology. This new geographic immobility is the most pronounced change in black Americans’ migration patterns after the Great Migration, and it’s a pattern that has implications for the demography of black migration as nicely as the literature on racial inequality.

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