Use Indestructible In A Sentence

Glory is sprayed with mirror shards and suffers nothing but harm to her gown. Freddy Krueger is just about unkillable in the dream world, being only killable if introduced into the real world, however, every time he simply returns to the dream world. Because of Kongouriki, Yaya’s (Unbreakable Machine-Doll) pores and skin is just about invulnerable to bodily assaults, she will be able to only be harmed by automaton’s magic. Presea Combatir is totally invulnerable to all hurt due to her special capability, Suppress. Charlotte Linlin/Big Mom has a close to invulnerable physique, having the power to withstand cannon blasts and thunderbolts as though nothing, besides when she is emotionally vulnerable or when starved from extended starvation pangs.

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