What Are The Bodily Traits Of Land In Real Estate?

The regulation of comparative advantage additionally holds equally nicely for many elements of production. In addition to labor and capital, different elements of manufacturing embrace natural sources similar to land and technology, and these can be subdivided. For instance, land may be land for mining or land for farming, or expertise for making vehicles or computer chips, or skilled and unskilled labor.


Data for this research stem from semi‐structured, life‐calendar interviews with 15 Maastricht University alumni who’ve stayed in Maastricht since completing their tertiary education trajectories. The city of Maastricht is situated in the province of Limburg, which is a peripheral area within the south of the Netherlands. The metropolis and the province typically experience out‐migration of extremely educated younger adults (e.g., Hooijen, Meng, Reinold, & Siegel,2017; Venhorst et al.,2010). The interviews revealed a diverse range of things that may set off re‐evaluations of the decision to stay in addition to the role of a ‘lack of triggers’ for continued staying behaviour. More specifically, the interviews verify that residing close to household and friends could be an important motive for staying, in addition to a deterrent to migration. The most vital contribution to the literature could also be discovered within the descriptions of family and associates serving as advisors, influencers, triggers, exemplars and facilitators in the staying processes of highly educated young adults.

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